Monday, 18 February 2013

Snowdonia Part 1–Aber Falls

We all spent a week in Snowdonia. The next few posts cover our exploits from a fantastic base in Llanberis.

The weather was forecast to be heavy rain all day and for once it was right. The kids did us proud and we all got had a fantastic day. There were snowy mountains, sleet, amazing waterfalls and some personal bests for all of us!


Meticulous planning the night before was greatly helped by one of our guide books (All-Terrain Pushchair Walks Snowdonia). The plan was to combine two walks for Nic and the kids whilst I ran them. This would make sure we both got our training needs. The route would take us from the lower car park up the River Aber to Aber Falls (Rhaeadr Fawr) and back. Walking up the road to the upper car park we would then take us along Afon Anafon to the Llyn Anafon reservoir.

OS Map OL17 covers the route.

The kids are on best form in the morning so we get all kit ready the night before. Eliza is in the Little Life back carrier and therefore needs plenty of layers to keep her warm. Depending on conditions she will wear up to 8 layers on top and bottom and then either her Spotty Otter Chillibug down suit or Muddy Puddles waterproof suit. Its really important that she also gets multiple layers on hands and feet.

On the day

George and Eliza were both in high spirits from the minute we set foot in Llanberis. This morning was no exception! George was definitely in the right mood for an epic day. We all got ready together in the lower car park and set off up to Aber Falls.

I ran up to the falls and met Nic and the kids on the way back. They were doing well. Eliza had a huge grin and George came running up to me. I let them know how amazing Aber Falls was and set off back down to the road. It was a real slog up to the second car park, never has a mile of road appeared so innocent on an OS Map but been so brutal in real life once the wind and rain was howling!

A few navigation mistakes on the second leg nearly had me on the summit of Foel Ganol. Finally putting my faith in the OS Map, I quickly corrected and got back on the right track using Pylons as a landmark. Even at 300m altitude the weather conditions worsened with driving sleet and high winds so I decided to turn back.

I met Nic and the kids heading up the road to the second car park. I was amazed they had made it so far and all were still very happy. George was very determined and seemed to have masses of energy. We had a quick chat about the weather conditions and decided I would run back up to Aber Falls again and then bring the car up to meet them. It would be perfect timing for lunch which was much anticipated by us all!

Nic had some more distance to cover to make sure her training was up to scratch. George fully refuelled himself at lunch and we set of up to Aber Falls again all together. I love running but it is so satisfying to see how much the kids enjoy the outdoors. George finished up back at the car having done a heroic 14km with >500m of ascent and kept going for nearly 4 hours.





Star kit – Montane LightSpeed H2O

Nic bought me a Montane LightSpeed H2O for Christmas after much searching as they are no longer available. A few retailers still have them in stock.

It is an ultra light (<100g) waterproof jacket compressible to the size of a tennis ball. I was kept dry for the full 4 hours in the face of heavy rain and sleet. The only criticism I have of the H2O is its breathability which could be better.

Techy Geek Note

Those of you who know me will be delighted that I am now posting from my new Acer V5-171 Netbook running Windows 8. As an Apple convert I have to say that Windows 8 has impressed me so far. I’m sure it’ll blue-screen at some point…


  1. The 'TECHY GEEK NOTE' has made my day! Welcome to the fold prodigal son!

  2. Only because I couldn't justify the cost of a MacBook Pro!