Tuesday, 5 February 2013

An active weekend

The family had an action packed weekend. Supporting the training for my wife's Moonwalk and the London Marathon is a tough job!


Nic, George, Eliza and I went walking locally on Saturday in the cold. George (5) was heroic, managing a swimming lesson in the morning and an 11km walk in the afternoon. A piece of chocolate every 2km helped.


Fantastic to see the sheep being herded by two sheepdogs in one of the fields near Sawston.

Sunday saw a return to High Lodge in Thetford Forest this time with some of our friends and their children. Fantastic orienteering course covering a large area. The children (5 and 6) loved following the map and searching out the markers.
I got a chance to get the go pro out this weekend. Devastated to miss a shot of the three deer we saw! I will hopefully be posting an edited video later in the week.


8km was good for the kids and made George's walking total 20km over the weekend.


I somehow managed to drag myself around 24km on Sunday night. This was my long run for the week and tough to get started.


Nutrition and hydration

This was much better managed and helped by a fine roast dinner! Using 500ml SIS Go Electrolyte to take with me for hydration. One half per 45 minutes of my trusty Country Crunch bars was the fuel! I have used these on the fells and they are perfect for endurance. I'm trialling SIS Rego protein shake for recovery, I will let you know how it goes after a few more long runs.

Kit in the spotlight

I have already big'd up George's achievements this weekend. A star piece of kit that he loves is his Vaude Puck 10L. It is a 10L pack that allows him to carry his own water, a waterproof sit-mat and the baby changing stuff. It looks the business and makes George feel part of any expedition. The pack also comes with an integrated shoe bag and magnifying glass for the dedicated pioneer! The Vaude never seems to look dirty and is made of a tough fabric to withstand ordeals only a child can put kit through! I would highly recommend this for the 5-7 year age group.

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  1. Brilliant post, low-spec phone formatting issues aside. Keep up both the writing and the excursions!

  2. Thanks Billy. Formatting definitely needs work!